This is a historic Margaux estate named after one of the early owners. Before the French Revolution, Labégorce was actually one of the biggest properties in the whole Medoc. The chateau itself was constructed in 1821. Since 1989, the property was been owned by Hubert Perrodo who is gradually pieced back together much of the magnificent pre-Revolutionary estate. Since Perrodo’s tragic death in a skiing accident, the property has been managed by his daughter Nathalie. She also manages another of the family’s Margaux properties, and firm Cru favourite, Château Marquis d’Alesme. A sizable portion of the vineyard was planted during the 1950’s and there is a section of vines that is over 100 years of age! Like Marquis d’Alesme,this is a Margaux estate which is producing wine well above its price point.

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