Sustainability Plan

A Sustainable Future for Fine Wine

Cru is the first Fine Wine Retailer to implement a ‘Sustainability Plan’ to limit environmental damage – designed to create a more sustainable fine wine industry.

Cru has joined fine wine producers like Bollinger, Leflaive, DRC, Pontet Canet, and Henschke in putting sustainability at the heart of its business.

Cru’s ‘Sustainability Plan’ has four main elements:

  • Cru now offers storage in multiple locations around the world (Bordeaux, London, Hong Kong and Singapore). From 1st June 2019, Cru will offer lower purchase prices to clients who store their wine in the warehouse location where the wine first lands (saving significant amounts of unnecessary CO2 emissions).

  • Cru will publish on its website the CO2 produced by each stock movement, so clients can plan transfers and deliveries in the full knowledge of their environmental impact.

  • Cru will encourage clients to consolidate deliveries by increasing its minimum order value for free delivery. This will reduce the CO2 produced by the ‘last mile’.

  • Cru has calculated that, even with the changes above, Cru will still generate approx. 250 tonnes of CO2 per year. Cru are committing today to offset 100% of these emissions via a VTS certified carbon reduction programme.

    Taken together, these measures will significantly reduce Cru’s environmental impact.

    But this is only a first step. Cru will now perform an annual Environmental Impact Assessment and will continue to reduce emissions through new initiatives in the future.

    Cru will publish an Environmental Progress Report annually on the effectiveness of previous measures and plans for the future each year.

    Important Announcement:

    Delivery of Wine & Spirits purchased through this site can now be organised to most regions in the European Union.

    Fees and timings are unique for each region so it is important that you confirm with our team before making your purchase.

    Further to this, for some regions, there are other requirements to get your order delivered. Once again, please either read our delivery page or email for more information.

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