Cru Wine App

Originally released in 2017, Cru’s Wine App was considered as the world’s first mobile application with fully integrated wine e-commerce and portfolio management services.

Since then, our wine app has developed into a must-have addition for thousands of our clients. From managing your Cru account, to accessing our full product list, viewing your wine portfolio and wealth of other features on-the-go, the completely FREE Cru Wine App is not to be missed.

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Access your Cru account on-the-go

The Cru Wine App is connected and synchronised to your existing online Cru account. By downloading the Cru Wine App you can access and manage all the key parts of your portfolio and Cru account from anywhere.

Your Cru account on the app gives you access to:

  • View your portfolio summary
  • Make purchases & view exclusive daily offers in real time
  • Organise deliveries or transfers
  • Sell your wine online
  • View & update your account information

View your wine portfolio

For those valued clients who are choosing to buy, sell and store their wine with Cru, you will be able to easily track the performance of your portfolio through the Cru Wine App. Check in daily to view your day-to-day increase/decrease, as well as, the following features too.

Your wine portfolio on the app:

  • Individual product breakdowns
  • Total value of your portfolio
  • Portfolio cost & net value
  • Gain/loss value & percentage gain/loss
  • Outstanding invoices & account credit

Buy from our entire product list

We know how important it is for our clients to access our wine list anywhere and at any time, so we made it our priority to make it as easy as possible to search, filter and buy fine wines through the Cru Wine App.

Buying wine on the Cru app:

  • Buy wines from the palm of your hand
  • Search our entire product list
  • Filter by country, region, wine colour & availability
  • Compare critic scores
  • View stock status & inbound delivery schedule

Updated daily offers in real time

Further to being able to buy wine from our entire product list, we are also offering Cru account holders and app users the opportunity to receive daily offers, directly and exclusively on the Cru Wine App.

Real time daily offers on the Cru app:

  • Buy directly through the app at preferable prices
  • View remaining allocation availability
  • View product details & critic notes
  • Read more about the producer & region
  • View stock status & inbound delivery schedule

Sell wine from your portfolio

With direct access to your wine portfolio through the Cru app you are able to select which wines you want to put up for sale on our trading platform and view a complete breakdown of the wines you have sold.

Sell your wine on the Cru app:

  • Select your wines & view last traded price
  • Edit your sell price & quantity
  • View all your sold wines & our commission cost
  • See your profit/loss by value & percentage
  • Once sold your account is credited immediately

Live chat with us

Have a question about a wine? or anything to do with your Cru account? Well you can speak with a Cru Wine Advisor or Customer Service directly through the Cru Wine App.

Someone will aim to answer your query through our web chat as soon as possible. If you are messaging us during out of office hours, you can still feel free to send us a message and we will respond when the next advisor is available, or we will follow-up directly by email.

Download and try it for FREE now

Important Announcement:

Delivery of Wine & Spirits purchased through this site can now be organised to most regions in the European Union.

Fees and timings are unique for each region so it is important that you confirm with our team before making your purchase.

Further to this, for some regions, there are other requirements to get your order delivered. Once again, please either read our delivery page or email for more information.

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