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About Champagne Pol Roger

The son of a lawyer, Pol Roger began his vinous life as a merchant and importer. Founding his own champagne house in 1849, simply naming it “Roger”, the now legendary Maison began by making champagnes for other houses. As the business grew, his sons Maurice and Georges renamed the business “Pol Roger” to honour their father.


The prestige cuvée of the historic and prestigious Pol Roger was named in recognition of Sir Winston Churchill's devotion to their Champagne. Allegedly, he imbibed over 42,000 bottles during his lifetime - the reward for such an achievement (amongst others no doubt!) is, apparently, having one of the leading prestige cuvées in the entire region bear your name! The production of cuvée Sir Winston Churchill is much smaller than many of the other prestige Champagnes (just 20% the volume of Dom Pérignon). Because of this lower production level, mature vintages of Sir Winston Churchill are much rarer on the secondary market and carry a substantial premium.

Astonishingly, the level of Sir Winston Churchill produced is less than 1/5th of that of Dom Perignon. Thanks to that most lethal combination of excellence, fame and dramatically limited availability, mature vintages of Sir Winston Churchill are fleetingly rare on the secondary market, carrying very substantial premiums.

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